Vincent-louis Apruzzese


Documentary / Documentaire

The Picnic

40 minutes, documentaire 2021/23

A documentary history and homage to one of the world's oldest comic book stores, its founder and those do and have worked there over the decades.

50 Years

88 minutes, documentaire 2006-2010

Award: Canadian International Annual Film Festival 2002

Presentation: September 6th -12th, Provincetown, MA 

Télévision premiere: June 4,5th, 2004 Pridevision

The Twelve

30 minutes, documentaire 2006-2011

Presentation; theatre machine, Boston June 2006

Award; Canadian International Annual Film Festival 2006

Village gai

6 minutes, documentaire 2017

narration: Constance Lamarche


18 minutes, documentaire 2004-2003

University of Massachusetts, chosen for archives 2016

Télévision premiere: September, 2004 Pridevision, Canada

Award: Canadian International Annual Film Festival 2004

Parc de l'espoir

3 minutes 52 seconds, documentaire 2021 narration: Robin Allard

Big Ma

20 minutes 2001

Documentary of my Irish grandmother’s struggle to come to America and raise a family after her husband’s unexpected death. Narration: Sheila Perry

Award: Canadian International Annual Film Festival


Molly Johnson 

Electronic press kit


The Solar System - 2 minutes 20 seconds

Moons of Mars - 2 minutes

Volcanoes of Io - 1 minute 43 seconds

Santé / Health

Dr. Christopher Labos

Body of Evidence 

(vidéos sélectionnées /selected videos)

Back Pain





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