Demo Reels

Series Lovecraft - animation

Cool Air 

animation 3.5 minutes 2017 

narration: Mike Luce

                V. L. Apruzzese

Pickman’s Model 

animation 4,5 minutes 2016 

narration: Michael Z Keamy

                V. L. Apruzzese

Music of Erich Zann 

animation 3 minutes 2015 

narration: Mike Luce

Presentation; 2016 SF indiefest- Another Hole in the Head


The Picnic 

47 minutes, documentaire 2016

A documentary history and homage to one of the world's oldest comic book stores, its founder and those do and have worked there over the decades.

Parc de l'espoir 

3 minutes, documentaire 2014

Village gai 

6 minutes, documentaire 2016

50 years 

88 minutes, documentaire 2006-2010

Award: Canadian International Annual Film Festival 2002

Presentation: September 6th -12th, Provincetown, MA 

Télévision premiere: June 4,5th, 2004 Pridevision


18 minutes, documentaire 2003

University of Massachusetts, chosen for archives 2016

Télévision premiere: September, 2004 Pridevision, Canada

Award: Canadian International Annual Film Festival 2004


Skeptical & Science

avec Dr, Christopher Labos et Mouton No More 

( vidéo selectionée /selected videos )

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