Vincent-louis Apruzzese


Dramatic Readings

with Charles Webster Billingsworth the 3rd

Look Kool / C’est Wow

CGI animation/ effects

seasons 1-2

client: Apartment 11

To Be or Not to Be

animation 2 minutes 2017

voice work: Mike Luce

Based on the famous speech in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Swim Addie Swim! 

animation 1 ½ minutes 2018

voice work: Mike Luce

Based on a famously dramatic scene in Jaws II.

In the future: with Nostro-dumbass

animation 3 minutes 2018

voice work: Michael Z. Keamy

Learn the mysteries of the future through the amazing predictions made by 50s clairvoyant Nostro-dumbass!

Series Gothic


Oval Portrait/Staley Fleming - 2017 SF indie fest - Another Hole in the Head 

Music of Erich Zann - 2016 SF indie fest - Another Hole in the Head

Music of Erich Zann, Pickman’s Model, Cool Air - 2017 Cyberia film festival


animation 4½ minutes 2018

Narration: Michael Z Keamy

Based on the story by H.P. Lovecraft

The Oval Portrait

animation 5 minutes 2017

Narration: Vincent-louis Apruzzese

Based on the story by Edgar Allen Poe

Staley Fleming’s Hallucination

animation 3.5 minutes 2017

voices: Mike Luce

                V. L. Apruzzese

Cool Air

animation 3.5 minutes 2017

narration: Mike Luce

                V. L. Apruzzese

Music of Erich Zann

animation 3 minutes 2015

narration: Mike Luce

Pickman’s Model

animation 4½  minutes 2016

narration: Michael Z Keamy

                V. L. Apruzzese

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